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i just cleared a grand on my paycheck for the first time ever...


backstage with Alice Cooper

this is going to be the longest 5 months of my life.

custom corset

i'm all excited! :D this is my first custom corset; i have a few off-the-rack ones; my god! i had no idea how much nicer a custom would feel.

these are not the best pics; but like i said, i was too excited :) the lip service daggers are a sort of purply-pink, the lacing is hot pink, and the lining is light pink. it's excellently made.

clicky for bigger pics :)

how i spent my winter vacation, by erika

i/we (ken & i, that is):

snuba'ed & snorkled off coki beach in st. thomas
saw lots of free-ranging chickens
ate foie gras sauce
got took by street vendors in nassau
competed in a bean bag toss
sunbathed topless on divi little bay beach in st. maarten
took a horseback & beach tour in st. maarten
got lost looking for a beach on paradise island in the bahamas
found a beach & got tossed by the surf
went shelling on every beach i went to
visited the everglades in florida
saw gators & lots of birds
got only a little bit sunburnt
shopped for clothes/bling/souvenirs
took a cha-cha lesson
had sex in a public place
played bingo and won squat
visited with my grandmother in ft. myers
saw 2 awesome on-board revue shows
ate like kings
tried conch fritters
took a saturday night fever dance lesson
played trivial pursuit (i pwned ken)
got pro photos taken
bought guavaberry rum
visited lover's key beach in florida
watched tv
had some technical problem happen at every airport on the way there and the way back
took in a live jazz trio
drank sugar cane juice
saw a great street performance show in miami


i entered a sponsored link on facebook a few months ago for picture.com, a photography contest.

apparently, my entry is being published in a compilation, and i'm in the semi-final round in my category (nature) for a 1000$ first place prize, silver or bronze medals for next places. and an annual grand prize of 10,000$. i'll find out in winter of this year if i've won anything. but shit! i'm going to be a published artist :P

**Edit: so after some web surfing and forum reading, this is quite a little scam they have going here. in no way am i allowing them to publish my photo. "prizes" have to be paid for, as well as a copy of your book that never arrives... these posts dated back to 1999.


new camera YAAAAAY!

so i FINALLY bought a new camera; it's a sony cybershot 7.2 mp. less bells & whistles than my old canon, but really, when you have photoshop, who needs 'em on the camera? unfortunately, i did not have enough $$ to buy a memory stick yet >_< next paycheck. however, this now means i'll be doing more photos more often.


presidential inquiry?

inquiring minds want to know:

do you really believe that a black dude or a woman will ever be voted in as president?


me? probably not in my lifetime. pessimistic? perhaps. sad reality? i think so.

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